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Date: June 28th 1944
Patricia Tupman - (friend)
Lawrence Jodoin

June 28. 1944

Dearest Pat.

That was an awfully sweet letter you sent to me and which I recieved this afternoon. You know I was nearly as surprized as you must have been to recieve that letter from my sister Marion. Yes, she is a great kid although it was much the same way with you as it was with her, in one respect that I really didnt no how much you both meant to me until I had left you both. You know how brother and sister are, always quarreling and doing something to try and get on the other persons nerves although I admit I done more quarrelling with her than Bob my brother. But I do miss you a lot more than I first realized.

I must say you really had me worried for awhile because I didnt get any mail from you for nearly two months.

I think maybe you understand about your not getting any mail for awhile if youll just remember D-day.

There is nothing thats happened over here lately that I would be allowed to tell you because these censors over here dont fool as you probably know by some of my letters.

I can also say that there is nothing I like as much as to recieve a letter from you or from home, youve no idea how much it helps.

Well Sweet Stuff I guess Ill have to go seeing Im running out of space. So, so long for now hon.

All my Love

Write soon. (Your right at the top yourself)

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Original Scans