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Date: June 14th 1944
Lawrence Jodoin
Patricia Tupman - (friend)

2820 Heath Dr.
Victoria, BC.

June 14, 1944

Dear Joe:–

Well old dear I recieved your letter. I thought you had forgotten all about me but you didn’t. Darling please take care of your-self now that the Invasion has started or are you near it.

Don’t worry Joe you couldn’t ever hurt me at all because I think too much of you and we get along to well to-gether. No I haven’t heard anything about Johnny. My girlfriend & I are getting ready for our holidays from July 1st-8th & then get 2 wks in August quite the life eh but I never work anyway. It sure will be nice when all this war is over, then everybody can live their normal ways again and maybe you might come back to Victoria for awhile gosh that would be wonderful. Mom and Dad send their regards & hope you are O.K.

Well “hon” I must go and do some work as everybody is working except me (as usual). So write very often.


P.S. I think a lot of you

Good Luck kid

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Original Scans