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Date: May 13th 1944
Patricia Tupman - (friend)
Lawrence Jodoin

H.M.C M.T.B 461
May 13. 1944

Dearest Pat.

In your letter you referred to me saying that the Air Mail is getting faster or else its us that are lucky. I hope your right about us being lucky and if I ever do anything to hurt you Ill be the sorriest man in the world.

And referring to that walk I wasnt drunk and besides that I dont drink remember.

Ill be glad when all this is over and we can go back to the things were used to because this place over hear is a lot different than back there.

By the way have you heard how Johnnys ma[?] out I havent recieved any answer from him yet?

Your mail hasnt been coming very regular in the last month, but maybe its because we’ve been moving around so much lately.

Well darling it looks like Ill have to say good bye for now because actually I m supposed to be working now


P.S. Still love you.

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