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Date: April 14th 1944
Patricia Tupman - (friend)
Lawrence Jodoin

H.M.CM.T.B 461
April 14. 44

Dear Pat.

I waited all this week to recieve a letter from you before writing to you again, but so far I havent received any but I decided to write anyway. I recieved a letter or I should say a card from Johnny and Dorrie the other day with his address in it so I wrote him a letter but I dont think that hell recieve it.

If you look in the Toronto Star Weekly in a couple of months you may see a picture of our boat so dont forget the number will you

I was looking at the picture you sent me, a couple of minutes ago and noticed that you were laying in the same place as I was when I first met you remember. It was a Sunday afternoon and I came out with Johnny and Dorrie and I fell asleep and the blanket and when I woke up there you were cleaning your white shoes and you were mad because your little brother spilled your white shoe polish. But no matter what you say about the picture I still say that it is a darn good picture of you. Well Ill have to say goodbye for now.

All my Love

P.S. Dont take any wooden nickels

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