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Date: April 6th 1944
Patricia Tupman - (friend)
Lawrence Jodoin

H.M.C.M.T.B. 461
April 6 1944

Dear Pat.

I recieved your letter with the picture enclosed yesterday, and by the way I dont think that picture of you is grusome I think its rather nice. Of course picture or no picture I always thought you were nice anyway. You sent me Johnnies address in your letter but before I recieved this one I recieved one that was mailed after this one which said that Johnny had been drafted to Halifax so I dont know if therell be any use in me writing to him under that address.

About you taking it easy at work, you always were one to take it easy no matter where you were. If I remember correctly your mother told me that.

As for what I think of England, “well”, as bad as Halifax is, Ill take it anyday instead of England

You wont have to worry about me getting mixed up with any English girl because so far I havent met any that meet with my approvel of course that dont mean that there isnt any

Thank  Myrt for getting you to send me the snapshot I like it a lot even the (quote) “convicts sweater”

I appreaciate your offer to send me anything I need but thanks just the same Id rather youd spend your money on something thats worth while to you. I hope you dont think that I dont appreciate it but you know how it is.

Well Ill sign off for now

Lots of love

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Original Scans