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Date: March 13th 1944
Patricia Tupman - (friend)
Lawrence Jodoin

March 13 1944.

Dear Pat.

I hope youll excuse this writing because Im not feeling in the peak of condition right now. I suppose you’ve noticed that Ive finally been posted to a boat, a Motor Torpedo Boat and is she ever a good looker just about as good as you are.

Have you found out anything about Johnny yet? By the way how are Johnny and Dorry getting along together? Have you got a picture of yourself yet because I would like to have something from you to keep reminding me of you. Remember you have my ring so I want a picture.

You know everytime somebody asks me if I have a girl back home I always say yes I have a very cute one in Victoria B.C. I hope that its allright with you.

Have you got over that feed we had the night before I left remember all the onions, grapes, tomatoes etc. I was just thinking about how long its been since Ive had any of them. But I cant kick the people over hear havent seen any for years.

When I was in the Royal Navy Barracks we went out in a truck one day to get some oranges and one of the crates was bust so we took a couple and a little boy was watching us when he saw us eating them he started to cry so we had to give him a couple so must have been a long time since hes seen any. Well sweet Ill have to go now.

Lawrence (Joe)

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