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Date: February 1st 1944
Patricia Tupman - (friend)
Lawrence Jodoin

H.M.C.S. [Niobi?]
Feb 1 1944.

Dear Pat.

I received your most welcome letter today which was forwarded to me from Halifax and I was glad to hear that you have been transferred from your old job to an easier one but I was not glad to hear that you like the limeys because over here were not on friendly terms

When I was in Montreal I stayed in a [board?] house on the fourth floor, on the second floor there was a restaurant so all I had to do was get up go down stairs and eat then go back up [paper torn]. I went with an American Sargent in [paper torn] Air Force. from Kentucky and did we ever have fun we went out with different women every night.

What did you mean when you said that crack about Prairie Hicks being born on skates (youre just jealous) and besides we arent “hicks”

One of these days my chum and I will go into town and have some pictures taken and then Ill send them to you.

I was glad to hear about you still having my ring, I have another one you know, I bought it in Montreal. Well so long Sugar.


P.S. Send you a picture within the next 2 weeks.

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