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Date: August 18th 1943
Patricia Tupman - (friend)
Lawrence Jodoin

H.M.C.S Naden III
Comox B.C
August 18/43

Dear Pat.

I was rather surprised and glad to receive your very welcome letter yesterday, because I never expected to hear from you so soon.

Im sorry about you having to stay in the house this beautiful night which you so capably described, but if I were there I would have tried to remedy that by another one of your long walks.

Last night, I was on duty and I kept thinking of you dancing, and I could have kicked myself for joining the navy and being sent up here, but I just remembered that if it hadn’t been for the navy sending me over to the west coast I never would have gotten to know you

So far I havent payed much attention to the people in and around Courtney, except that they havent given up hope for the navy.

I see by the way you wrote about you not crying in the show the other night that you are another Dorrie, but any time you want to go to a show and cry and you have nobodies shoulder to cry on you can always call on me, if Im not around, holler and Ill come a runnen.

You said that when you went swimming in Thetis Lake you swam a full mile and back, Im afraid that you scared me off, you being a good enough swimmer to swim that far and me not being able to swim hardly at all.

You can be sure that Doreen isnt the only one thats looking forward to the week end in Van. Johnny wouldn’t believe that Doreen is riding her bycicle to save money for her trip to Vancouver.

You tell the wolves up at D.S.O. to lay off or they’ll have me to deal with, by the way how big did you say they were, you now I wouldn’t want to hurt them, then again I would like to have a little opposition.

I cant say that I like your opinion of the navy, although in many cases I heartily agree with you.

I dont mind Doreen sending her letter for Johnny in care of me, because Johnny found out over the phone what she did and I never even got to see the letter, he was already waiting for it.

I can hardly wait for the next week and a half to go by so I can get back to Victoria, I hope they dont think up some new ideas and keep me on hear a little while longer.

Johnny and I havent been out all this week so there isn’t much to tell you about our experiences. They have been having a couple of boat races here in the last few days, but that’s all the excitement there has been around here that I have been able to find this week.

There’s not much more I can tell you without boring you anymore than I allready have so Ill say good bye for now.

Lawrence Jodoin

P.S. Dont forget the picture.



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