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Date: August 15th 1943
Patricia Tupman - (friend)
Lawrence Jodoin

H.M.C.S Naden III
Comox B.C
August 15/43

Dear Pat:

I received your letter yesterday and I must say I was really glad to get it.

I don’t think youll have to worry your pretty head about me phoning you when I get back into Victoria because thats the first thing Ill do, and I also hope that the weekend stretches as long as possible. I dont know about that part about me not working, but since I’ve been in navy I’ve gained 6 lbs, either from working or not working and I have a slight suspicion that it’s the latter.

About the torpedo exam, I passed it allright, but, the marks are not as good as I hoped they’d be, although my average for gunnery and torpedo marks is 72.5. There, do you still think I’m one of the smart ones as you put it (sarcastic).

And about that bad habit of mine, referring to that laugh, I think that Johnny has allready broken me of that habit.

I dont think that Doreen has much to worry about in not getting any letters from Johnny because if she dont get a letter it wont be his fault, all he does is talk about when he gets back to Victoria which will be probably soon now (I cant tell you the exact date or they wont let me send this letter).

Listen, Ill have you know that I dont go out with squaws (anymore, how to you like that.)

You’ll have to pardon the change in ink, I just ran out of my own so Ill have to use the YMCA’s ink to finish it.

I think that I will have to learn and like roller-skating if you say so, but you’ll receive the hospital bills if there is any.

And about you being outspoken I think I can excuse you this time (and any other time), and your letter isn’t boring, as far as Im concerned you could write anything in your letters and I would enjoy it just as well as much as I did your last, so called boring letter.

And by the way if you have a picture of yourself handy, I would like one very much, that is if you think I deserve one, me with my hideous laugh.

Theres a bunch of the fellows hanging around here now teasing me about you, so if you find this letter all mumbled and jumbled up you’ll understand why, I suppose.

And if you think for a moment that you walked me off me feet, just wait till I get back and Ill show you, who walked who, off whoe’s feet, and Ill bet you that I win. By the way Johnny and I had a nice long walk, or I should say a couple of nice long walks, we had one last night from about half way between Courtnay and Comox at about 15 minutes to 12 we left there late because there was a carnaval, but it was a rather dull affair, except for the dance and we only stayed there for a little while.

I have a slight feeling that Im boring you with my writings about nothing and everything in general, its time for afternoon tea now so Ill say good bye for now.

Love (a mate to the one on your letter)
Lawrence (Joe

V57427 Mess 12
H.M.C.S Naden III
Comox B.C.

P.S Write soon and dont forget the picture.


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