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Date: August 17th 1915
Maudelean Carter – (friend)
Thomas Garton

St Martins Plain
Shorncliffe Kent
Aug. 17/15

Miss Maudelean Carter
Clinton Ont.

My Dearest Maudie:

Just a few more lines in ans. to your loving letter which I rec. Sunday was very pleased to hear from you once more. am feeling fine so far but from what they say I guess it will not be too long untill some of us will either be in a hospital or else dead for I expect we are going away this week and if we have no better luck than the boys who went from the 34th we will not last long for they only went away two weeks ago and word came back yesterday that there are only 84 of them left out of 170 who went away so that is thinning them out pretty quick but we keep a black Cat with us so I suppose we are safe that is some people’s idea, but I guess if we are to die the Cat will have some time saving us, what do you think.

“Gee” I wish I were there now I sure would put you down and roll you if it would help you any. yes we need a house keeper here in the very worst way there are 36 of us in one hut now so if you think you could manage that many why just telephone over and I will tell them you are coming. I would far rather you were coming here as going to Hensall for I am afraid if you get away you will Catch Cold or something and then maybe you will not be there if I come back, and then what would I do. but I know about how you feel about it and I only wish I were there to help you but I will do my best for you darling I am going to send you some money they are £. notes if you take them to the Bank you will get $4.804 to the £. take them to any bank.

you spoke of this being an awful strain now darling for my sake try to keep up no matter what happens for it is just as hard for me. but I try to keep going and make the best of everything.

say when I wrote that about Spearpoint I did not mean anything but I just thought of what you used to tell me so I wrote what I was thinking about. I am sure if he were there now I would say have a good time with him if you could. as far as getting a girl there are lots of them here but I could never bring myself to make love to any of them for there is only one girl for me. of course if I can find one that has a million or there about I might take her back just for company till I could get the money then I would skiddo

Say don’t talk about sending me money for you need it far worse than I do for I can work for a living and I can not do too much for you for you are all I have in the world. So you use it just as you like and dont worry any more about me not having money well I am not going to write a very long letter this time but will write again as soon as I can and let you know how I am getting along. remember me to the rest of the folk’s. I wrote to Annie the other day so she will be telling you some of the Silly thing I said. Bye-bye My Love.

may God Bless and Keep you.
from your own true Love

maybe you will think by this scribbling I have been drinking and so I have (some tea) nothing more

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