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Date: August 9th 1915
Maudelean Carter – (friend)
Thomas Garton


Miss Maudelean Carter,

My Dear Maudie:-

Just a few lines in answer to your most welcome letter which I received some time ago we were in the trenches at the time so you can imagine for yourself how glad I would be to get a letter from home. “yes” I have received your letters alright at least I have received some and I hope there is more coming for if it were not for the letters I get it would be a little more lonesome, but I can’t complain for I am having a fair good time considering we are in the trenches. it was muddy for a few days but mud is nothing, it is ideal weather here now and I hope it continues for some time but I guess we have to take the weather as we get it. I suppose you will have been up home before now, I wish I could have been there to go up with you, I hope you had a good time and found every body well. I suppose you would want to stay for a couple of week’s like you did at Lucknow. Say you want to be careful or you may kill yourself as well as time if you work too hard. if I were there I would tie you to a chair if I couldn’t make you sit still any other way. ha ha. there sure would be a picnic if I were around there for a while but cheer up the worst is yet to come. don’t imagine for a minute that I am worrying I have quite worring over any thing or “nothing as you say”.

Say that photo I sent I know it was not very good but I had it taken one Sat. afternoon and it only took about half an hour to finish them so what could one expect. I am feeling fine and I don’t think I have got any thinner than I was when I was in London.

I wish I could have been sitting around about the time you were catching that potato bug I pity the thing if you happened to get on it with both feet but I am too good at running for to let you catch me like that but then you never get mad for nothing. I hope I am home in time for the wedding if there is going to be any, what will you do then?. you will be looking for a place to hang your hat about that time. but don’t do like me for I hang mine on the floor or any other old place I can make it stick. I have never saw any cigarettes as yet I don’t know if Huller got them or not but I don’t think so or he would have said something about them. where is Mae. is she in Guelph yet? I am glad to hear she is having a good time remember me to her the next time you write. I hear there is some more of the 53rd boys in England I was thinking maybe Mac. would be over with them also the little Eskimo (Kennedy) remember me to Annie and all the rest of the people around there also Johnny Carter’s at Lucknow. how is May Farber is she getting better if she ever asks for me tell her I am alive as yet. well I will have to close for this time as it is getting dark, am lying out on the grass writing this and can hear the guns booming all along the line. write soon again.

as ever your own True Love

No A146 Pte Tom Garton
A Company 1st Battalion
1st Canadian Contingent
1st Brigade
B.E.F. France



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Original Scans