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Date: April 21st 1944
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

B64737 Rfn Butler E.D.
C. coy. Q.O.R. of C.

Dear Leona and all.

Just a few lines tonight hoping this finds you all fine as this leaves me O.K. too. Received the money you sent today Sis and I’m very grateful to you both for it too as it really is useful, I only hope some day I can repay you for the things you’ve sent and done for me lately.

The mail is coming over fine now especially ordinary mail. I got a nice letter from Donna last week so I guess she’s quit blaming me for the trouble that has been created between so I think it will be O.K. from now on.

You may think I’m silly but go ahead Sis because there is no one I’d sooner have and I think you know that. This stuff I’ve heard about Sercombe isn’t so because she gave me her word she’s never seen him since we left the Ark. However I also know where all these stories have started from and she will pay for it too, I think you know who I mean Sis.

I’ve been up to London on a 36 hr pass as that’s the most we get now. I had a good time my chum and I but no girls so don’t get the wrong idea.

I got the snaps O.K. Sis and I must say everyone seems to be doing O.K. in spite of the rationing. The boys really laughed at my “name-sake” He’s really fat, isn’t he?

I’m afraid this isn’t much of a letter but there is not much I can say because the officers here censor all our mail. However I must close hoping this finds you all fine and happy as it leaves me now. So once again thanks a lot Leona and I close with lots of love and Godbless you all.


Hoping to be home soon???
that will be the day aye Sis?

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Original Scans