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Date: January 18th 1944
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

B64737 Rfn Butler D.

Dear Leona and all.

Hi Sis, and how is everybody around your house these lovely wet days? Just fine I hope and not too cold and all that.

Its about time to say a few words to you I guess aye, first of all many thanks for the parcel if I haven’t already done so, and again for the many letters telling me of Mums condition.

The last I heard she was home for Xmas which I suppose was a relief to home because there is no place like it, only wish I could be there for awhile.

Well Leona I have finished another leave which was rather quiet due to the fact that my money didn’t arrive that I asked Donna for. I’m not surprised at that as I haven’t had a letter for over three months nor a cigarette far more any dough.

I received a letter from a friend saying that some one else is taking up her time and also my money, so you see Leona sometimes I feel like going for a swim with a big stone on my neck, but I have got certain authorities on the job through the army so maybe in awhile I’ll be single or at least she won’t be using my money.

No doubt you people know more about things then I do so if this is old news don’t think I’ve been keeping it because it almost drove me nuts when I heard, although I’ve been suspecting such things. I figured when I went home I’d have a few thousand bucks to start off with but now I’m no better off then I was 10 years ago.

I am on C.B. now over it so God only knows what I’ll do next. You see I took a days extra leave on my leave and I must say there was a couple of drinks connected too.

If I can ever work a leave home out of this I pity the Sercombe bitch. and also her, don’t you think I could Sis??

It won’t be very long now until we go somewhere but first I’d like to see this mess through. It really makes a guy wonder what in hell he’s fighting for, just to give some yellow, gutless bastard like him a good time.

Well Leona Dear I must close now so in a few days I write again,

So heres hoping this finds you all in the pink and for now “Cheerio” Godbless and write soon.

Loving brother

if you know anything about this Leona don’t be afraid to tell me please.

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