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Date: December 27th 1942
Sister - (Leona Cadman)
Dawson Butler

Sun. 27 42

Dear Sister and all.

Well Leona how is everybody at your house after Xmas? O.K. I hope and not too sick. I suppose you were all home aye, sure would love to been there but its no use hoping aye.

I’ve been layed up with a sore back for about a week so my Xmas was quite tame. It is a cold in the kidneys so I’ve had a lot of fun squirting around. I guess I should join the midget fire-department with my squirts aye.

I got feeling good Xmas day as they had about 4 kegs to a company. I didn’t tell mother as I know she wouldn’t approve of that so I hope you don’t. I wasn’t drunk understand just good and happy, hope you are the same. HAW.

I got a letter from Ross the other day saying he just arrived over here and was I surprised so I must look him up. He didn’t sound too happy about it all and I know I wasn’t but I’ve got used to it now pretty well. But just to get home again would be swell.

I guess he wants to go to Scotland on his leave but Eva won’t let Roy and I go anywhere else. My chum gone on a course intended for me, I got out of it with my back so they sent him instead. Our leave has been set back a week too over it.

I guess Mother is glad to have Elly so close at hand aye. By what I hear Wiss is just fooling around home still. Why in the hell don’t he pull his socks up and make use of his life?

Well I suppose you’d like to know a bit about what Santa gave me. Well I’ve got eight parcels including one that Eva sent Roy and I. Home made cookies, smokes, a few apples and 2 oranges, I don’t know where she got them but leave it to her she’ll get them.

I got no end of cards either. Jean [M?] sent me one and a letter Tommy and Minnie Reilly sent one Roys people sent me one and all the other folks at home too. I sure got one slew of letters to write now.

You asked me who sent the best parcel to me, I won’t say Leona, they were all swell and by what I hear there is a couple more on the way, so if I see Ross I’ll share up so I hope I see him on my leave.

I hear we’re getting a raise in pay. I sure hope so as its a job making ends meet some times.

I don’t know yet whether Donna got home for Xmas or not, she doubted it as they won’t sell a ticket over fifty miles I guess

Well Leona I can’t think of much to say but the boys had a wild old time Xmas Eve, stiff as the devil they were and once in awhile a Bren gun let loose with traser shells it was more like 24th of May. One poor nut passed out about six times, I laughed myself silly, as you know it wouldn’t be much of a job. They had a good concert here last night and heard a few army jokes.

The officers had a big party last night and it was still going on this A.M.

They all have their old girls there so it wasn’t too tame I guess. They tell us to behave and such but its O.K. for them to raise hell.

Well Leona I must close for now as I got loads to do yet so I hope this finds you and John and family all well and I wish you all the best for “43”

Your Brother

There was an Englishman gave his girl a brassiere for Xmas, she gave it back and said the money was worse needed as she was flat-busted.
Bye Bye Sis. X

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