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Date: May 17th 1942
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

Sunday 17 1942

Dear Leona and all:-

Well Sis how does it feel to loose so much weight, ha. ha. Don’t mind me but it was good weight I guess. How is Porky these days and all the family, just fine I hope and coming along fine. I am fine too but also have lost some weight not big and fat like I was when I left good old Canada, but I feel O.K. so that’s the main thing I guess, eh.

I suppose you wonder why I haven’t written sooner but I have been awful busy moving around from here to nowhere. We are back down on the coast again in our houses and boy its really a pleasant treat, because we have been sleeping on the ground for the last week. We had a seven day scheme so I had no time to write to anyone so being today is Sunday and I have the time I must drop you all a few lines.

I got ten letters today, yours Jeans, mothers, Mrs H. and one from Aunt Ell, and most of all from my Dear little wife, so by time I finish to-day it will be a perfect day, eh Sis.

We all marched to church this morning in town. It was a big new church and really nice inside so I took advantage of it and said my little prayer which someday I hope is granted and if going straight will do it I’m willing to try because I really want to come back to Donna and see you all again.

I suppose John is still going strong as usual eh. and the boys will no doubt be teasing you along but its all in a life time I guess.

How does Elly like the boats it will be quite a change for him. Young Grant will be busy I guess this summer but I suppose [Carm?] will be around to help out some.

Well Leona I don’t seem to have much news or time so I will close for now and if you don’t get another letter for a few weeks please don’t be sad as we have a seventeen day scheme starting to-morrow. The last one we had we marched thirty miles in one day on these rations we get you can get quite a good idea of how long a nice fat chicken would last. I’ve never been that hungry in my life. My feet were sure blistered so I hope I can get by the next one a little easier, I guess I bit and now I can chew but all the chewing we do is on the rag. There will be curses hanging around these hills for six months I think after that beating we took.

Well I guess I better lay off the sob story so I hope this finds you all including little Porky feeling fine and happy so until you hear from me again

Lots of Love
to you all
Your Brother

I don’t think Dawson is such a good name because I don’t figure I have set much of an example for a little inocent fellow, eh.

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