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Date: December 4th 1941
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

Camp Borden
December 4 1941

Dear Leona and all:-

Well I suppose you will be waiting to hear how I’m getting along. I got your letter and was sorry to hear that you have the cold, you would hardly wonder where you could get a cold this nice weather, it sure is wonderful for this time of year, but we might get winter soon enough so I guess we can’t stand this for a while yet. I am still up here yet but I think we will be going out Sunday or sooner. I kind of wish they would wait till Monday because Donna is planning on coming up Sunday. But if we go we go and thats all there is to it. I got a chance last-night for a ride down to Toronto so I took and went out to Oakville to see Donna for a couple of hours, it was four o’clock when I got back but I didn’t care, if I can get another ride down Fri or Sat, I’ll go again because I don’t care for time when I can see Donna again.

I suppose I kind of bother her by saying good-bye so many times but after all I am take all those chances. I am sorry you felt so bad Sunday Leona but I expected Dad and Mother to take it worse but I guess its up to you and the rest to compfort them for me now. I suppose the other boys are thinking of getting into too but try and keep them out be-cause this job gets on your nerves by times I wouldn’t want to see young Grant get into it because he is really too young. I suppose Helen wouldn’t let Ross into it but I would much sooner do that than what he is doing now, they seem to worry Mother I believe by what I saw last week. I guess Helen is a little sore but after all she shouldn’t have any hard feelings against Donna after what she did for her last winter when she really needed somebody to take care of her. Not only that but some of the things she said about Donna and I, I’d think she has had her say. Jesus it makes me boil to hear any body say any thing against Donna because she really can keep her end up, she has done more for me than I deserve and I won’t have her talked about. Donna has a spot in her heart for you, maybe she don’t show it but she is always mentioning you. Well I suppose I better stop the bragging and think of something else to say, but that is getting pretty impossible now because I havent much news, I’ll will write as soon again as possible so until you hear from me again I wish you lots of luck and happiness.

Love to all.
Your Brother

I hope the pictures turn out O.K.

Leona I wish you would try and make the ones believe that I joined the army on my own accord and not because of Mrs. H.  I will keep this all to myself.

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Original Scans