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Date: December 1st 1941
Leona Cadman - (sister)
Dawson Butler

Camp Borden
Dec. 1, 1941.

Dear Leona and all:-

Well sis how do you feel these days fine I hope, I am fine too but could use some sleep. Donna and I got home a little after six, thats fast time, the old car stopped once, dirt in the gas line, that only took a few minutes, but other wise we got home fine. I got in camp about two o clock and found the fires all out so had to sleep with our clothes on. We didn’t do much to-day so we got a chance to catch some sleep. I wish you would let me know how things went after I left Leona, I couldn’t help feeling bad and I guess you couldn’t either, but it had to come, I tried to hold it but couldn’t. Mother took it better than I expected but I really felt bad about Dad, he sure has a lot of worries, and I don’t help things any either. But somebody has to go and I think there will be more yet before it’s settled. I want to thank you and John for your gifts because they are really useful. It sure didn’t seem long from six o’clock till 10.20. Donna took me up to the bus. We said good-bye without a tear because that’s what we promised each other it was sure hard to do but I think its the best way. Donna said she was coming up to see me next Sunday if I am still here but in a way I hope I’m not because I know I cant say good-bye again like we did. But after all if any thing is going to happen it will so we can just hope for the best, eh

Well Leona I guess this is all for this time so until you hear me again I wish you lots of luck and happiness.

Your Brother

Hoping to hear from you soon.

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