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Date: December 22nd 1943
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs

#9   423 Squadron
Dec. 22. 1943.

Dear Mother:

Here I am, dreadfully late again. Things have been happening rather quickly lately leaving no time for anything else. Last week I went up to London on four days leave with Bill Johnston, my roommate. The second day when I went around to my favorite club they said that Peter was in town. I couldn’t locate him right then so about 3:00 I pushed off to call on Uncle Tom [Stubbs]. He was away somewhere so I went on to Uncle George’s and waited there till they, George and Meg, came back for tea. Who should arrive for tea also but Uncle Geoff and we had a very enjoyable time. Uncle George says I can stay there any time. He will give me a key and I can come in with the milk if I like. Then I rushed back to the club and there was a message there for Bill and I to meet Peter at a place called Xeniars Club. Well we had quite a party and finally got Peter on the last train for wherever he was going (to get his kit as he was transferred to some new unit.) Peter said he would be back the next day early which I didn’t believe (a man must sleep some time) but sure enough Bill and I were still sleeping when he wrapped on the door. So we had another party which lasted about three days. I never did get to see Uncle Tom, nor purchase Christmas cards for the relations and arrived back a day late, thus damn near missing this posting as my name was being called out on parade just about the time I was getting onto the train in London. Bill wasn’t on the draft so he wasn’t missed and I wouldn’t be either if Ken Reid hadn’t gone up to Scotland on a university short course over Christmas (which sounds a bit of a farce) as I was chosen to replace him.

However here I am in a Nissen hut, freezing at the moment despite my coal stove. However there may be advantages here. This country ought to have more in the way of meat and eggs. I have missed all the advanced flying training I expected and gone right to a squadron. Also very soon I shall be doing just the job I wanted all along.

I am pretty weary of writing at the moment because tonight I have written, I think, to all the relations, in lieu of the Christmas cards. All the letters will be late but that, at least, is not my fault. Use the address I have shown on t’other side. Your letters up to 6 inclusive have all arrived and also the Christmas parcel which is safely tucked away. Thank you very much.

I think Joyce Ford may have arrived while I was still at the last station but I am afraid I never saw here. Had lunch with Bob Knox in London at Mrs. Vincent Massey’s officers club. Bill Embreys name was on the register there as having been there only a few days before.

With love from


[Note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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