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Date: October 5th 1943
(Father) – (Robin Holford Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs

Oct 5. 1943.

Dear Dad:

I guess you will be quite surprised to see a U.S. stamp on the letter. We were moved here because it got so darned crowded where we were, I imagine. No one knows when anything happens next so you might as well keep on using the old address. I have had a letter here already.

We have visited the large cities within a radius of around twenty miles from here, being particularly interested in the cocktail bars of course. Ever heard of a ‘Cuba libre’ or a ‘zombie’. They’re good anyway. In one of the better of these bars we met a rich American. He treated us, 3 P/O’s and 2 U.S. sailors, to drinks, then invited us to supper. For this we went to another hotel and although he had no reservation we went passed a long line of would-be diners to one of the best tables quite close to the orchestra. We had the most marvellous steaks costing our host about $25.00. Then he drove us out to his palatial home for more drinks. He could not believe I wasn’t English and wanted to know if I had done much fox hunting, which is what he does most Sundays.

One afternoon we went to see Dante, the magician. I think there was an article in Life about him not long ago.

On the last day at Y we spent the afternoon playing ‘red dog’ which netted me about 15.00. But during the game the CO suddenly walked in, on a barrack inspection. What a shock! Somebody grabbed the cards but the table was covered with money. He was surprised and angry and asked what we were doing. ‘Cards’. ‘Let me see them.’ Deck produced. ‘Okay, but no dice’ and out he walked. Just about then we remembered the half bottle of the on the dresser that he missed.

Well this is rather an indefinite letter but if it is postmarked you know where I am and where I have been. It looks as if I am to be here for some time yet and so will continue to make the rounds of the night clubs.

With love


[Note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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