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Date: September 3rd 1943
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs

Sept 3, 1943

Dear Mother:

Your letter has turned up from Nassau at last. A very nice letter too. There was also one from England that had been mailed on May 19th.

The train trip was fairly good. I am afraid I got up too late to see the Rockies but I had a good look at them going the other way way anyway. The Chapins were on a different train out of Calgary and so I saw them for only a few minutes at the station. I had quite a few games of chess with a man which was a good way to pass the time. Another person I met was a naval lieutenant from Vancouver. He new several people in the Mission having been to a beach party at the Claytons once. He took me to a cocktail party in Montreal with some friends of his. We took a bottle along but all we could get was brandy but at least there was no trouble about getting enough. From Montreal as far as Debert Essie Walker was on the train. It is a very long time since I have seen her. She must have left Kelowna about the same time I did but on the C.N..R.

Living conditions on this station are far the best I have met yet. Two of us have a good sized room to ourselves. Then the mess is very good too, no waiting in line etc., and usually a choice, especially at breakfast.

We are not kept busy and can leave the station anytime we are not on a parade. This morning we had some P.T.—the first for many a month. I enjoyed it too. Some of the boys went over the commando course so perhaps I will have to next time. I have met Doug. McGrath again and several others I knew before.

I had no trouble with the dentist and he only filled three.

I have bought a regulation trunk suitcase and so will send the other home. It is quite true you have to be able to carry everything so I will be well laden as there is web equipment as well. Hence the necessity for P.T. Tried my coat on in Montreal and it was a rotten fit. So much for Norman’s measuring. It is being altered and I suppose I will get it sometime.

I have not explored Halifax much yet but it doesn’t seem as bad as I was led to expect. The streets are very narrow and the buildings mostly old and dirty looking but it is quite pretty, especially where we are, three miles from its centre. One of these days I want to take the ferry over to Dartmouth so that I can see the harbour. I think you can also take a trip around the shore line on some sort of tourist boat too.

This station runs its own summer resort about 20 miles from here which may be worth a weekend. It costs nothing except in the form of a few light chores I believe.

I got a bill from Mount Royal Hotel for the night I spent there. T.C.A. were supposed to pay it but I guess I will seeing they gave me such a large refund.

I was lucky to get the extra two days. At least three others wired without success.

With love from


[Note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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