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Date: March 18th 1946

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K.

March 18, 1946

Dear Mom,

Just back to the Station after my 36 to Harrogate with May.

We had a great time as usual. On Saturday evening we went to the movies rather than to the dance, because her foot was sore so she couldn't dance. We saw "Rhapsody in Blue" which, although long, was very good. On Sunday we had dinner as usual at her home, and then we visited her friend Marjorie's. Later we returned for tea, went to a Church service, and then returned to her home.

On Thursday evening I was ice skating as usual at Durham, and also, as usual, had a great time. Sometimes we get the same civilian bus driver but this time we had a new one, and although we got to the rink in Durham very easily, he didn't quite go the correct way on the return trip.

On the road going from town there is a Y branch, and only one leads out of town, but by mistake the driver took the other one. We thought it must be a roundabout way, and so thought all was well until, after driving down a very narrow street which was getting narrower as we drove along, we suddenly stopped, for right if front of us was a little archway through which even an Austin could not pass. When the bus backed up we could see the sign on the archway: NO THROUGH STREET. Durham is like that- old narrow streets and many blind alleys.

About the request for the ice skates and the stockings. Since things here are so unsure perhaps you should forget about them for now.

Love, Lewis.