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Date: April 21st 1943
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs

April 21 /43

Dear Mother:

This week has been very successful, quite a contrast to last. I have had a lot of flying lately and yesterday I had a total of 128:30—more than anyone else in the class. Perhaps because of this I did not fly today and one person has got ahead of me.

I have had my wings instrument test and did O.K. I don’t know the mark but believe it may be slightly above average. Also had my wings pilot navigation test and my instructor said I got a good mark on this. It was not the regular PN test because we went down to Yorkton and back instead of the regular triangle cause. I went with the same instructor as last time I went to Yorkton. He was not thinking very well that day because he forgot to sign out for the crosscountry and we had to come back losing half an hour. He also forgot to bring the hood s I couldn’t do the instrument flying as in the previous trip I told you about. Also the directional gyro was unserviceable and the compass was badly out which didn’t help the navigation.

I have had about five hours formation and like it very much. My own instructor is very conservative and stays a long way from the other plane but I had one flight with another instructor who is very good at this. He got in very close—about ten feet away I guess and held the position perfectly. It would have made a lovely photograph. I have got a 72-hour pass this weekend and I suppose most of it should be devoted to studying for the exams coming up next week. It will be a great day when they are over especially if I have had my clear hood wings test by then.

I got the cake you sent today and regret to say it was mouldy. I can’t see why this should have happened.

Can you tell me how many war savings certificates have come for me to date. There should be around seven.

Our instructors are given the job of canvassing for the victory loan which is an admirable situation for the station. Thus many in our flight who perhaps had no intention of taking any find they have decided to take out $100.00 worth. They missed me because I was in Yorkton but I will take 100.00 also.

I have not heard from Peter for a long time. How is he getting on with his course.

Apr 22

There have been a lot of taxi accidents since I have been here and the punishment is getting more and more severe. One chap in our course had one a few days ago and was set back two courses with a weeks pack drill and detention. Somebody had a fairly bad one today and I believe is getting 27 days at a military penitentiary in Manitoba.

I got 3½ hors. today and so am in the lead again. Part of this was spent in practising all sequences so I am now supposed to be ready for my wings test. If this comes off O.K. I have a feeling I will get the G. R. course I want and a commission.

Well I must get on with my studies.

With love from


[Note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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