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Date: February 6th 1946

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K

February 6, 1946

Dear Mom,

Here are a few clippings from our overseas paper, "The Maple Leaf." I'll explain what is being said in the articles, because the authorities are not telling you the complete truth at home. (One of the statements in the Canadian Press release printed in the paper says that "about four-fifths of the occupation force had volunteered.") That phrase seems to me to be highly over estamated, and the majority of that volunteering would come from Aircrew. As I had written to you, when Aircrew were asked to volunteer to return home, not one of them came forward.

There was also a list of trades printed in the paper with so-called "chop lines"listed. Although I did
not volunteer to stay over here, I must do that, and will be here long after April 1.

Joyce wrote saying that all Canadians would be home by March 31. What she must have heard was that all those, not in the Occupation Forces, would be home by then. But, since I'm in the Occ. Force, I'll still be here after that. Not that I mind being here, for I'm enjoying myself. It's just that I've not volunteered to stay, I'm just expected to stay.

Today I sent a little parcel home with momentoes. Please put it away for me, when I return.

Love, Lewis.