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Date: November 14th 1942
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs

Nov 14 1942

Dear Mother:

I am back on my feet again but I was in the hospital for six days. All I had was a slight temparature and inflamed tonsils. I had a day off when I got out so now I am a long way behind the rest of the class. 20% of the class have now been washed out and have gone to Trenton. The rest have all soloed and have between 15 and 22 hours.

I did an hour of circuits and bumps yesterday and felt quite satisfied with the results considering the weeks lay off. My instructor has gone on a holiday which is a bit annoying as I liked him but the man replacing him is going to be OK too and he is one of the senior instructors. I had another hour today—mostly climbing turns and spins this time. These spins were really violent this time and gave me quite a thrill. We came out of one quite sharply and I had to tense my neck very strongly to hold my head up. A funny sensation. Only one landing today and it was bad—almost a ground loop.

With love from


[Note: Transcriptions provided by collection donor.]

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