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Date: August 29th 1942
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs

Aug 29, 1942

Dear Mother:

At present I am on a 48 and staying in the YMCA in Saskatoon. I am surrounded by all my books and notes and intend to wade into them shortly.

We have been having a few mid-term exams last week which has kept me busy. The marks I know so far are Math 137/150 (about 5 in the class), Anti-gas 45/50 and Signals 97.5/100. I am hoping to see the average over 90%. The exams were all very easy so that carelessness is the only mark lowering element. In less than two weeks we will be starting in the final exams. The time certainly does go quickly here.

Many thanks for the apricots. Most of them were in good shape and much appreciated by all of us but about 4 had to be thrown away.

Also thanks to Archie for the pictures which arrived safely. I have presumed my set was sent along also as I think I only asked for 5 of each.

Last Sunday our squadron went on a long parade. There were about 300 airmen plus officers and NCO’s and we marched from I. T. S. into town, all around town then out to the cemetary fror a tree-dedicating ceremony. It was a long march especially as we marched at attention all the way.

Thursday afternoon was supposed to be another field day but after a few events and just when we were getting started with the pole vault it started to rain. The meteorologist at #4SFTS in Sask. had said the weather would clear for the afternoon so so much for at least one subject we are studying.

On Thursday I went on my first CO inspection. Other Thursday mornings I had always been on my weekly barrack fatigue. On this day our flight competed in drill against the other half of Course 59. The CO and his aides decided it was a tie but two other observers think we were robbed.

We were given a talk one day by a pilot who had flown over Greece. He was very interesting but the CO must have primed him first for he emphasized navigators and airgunners, trying to swing everybody away from the idea of being pilots.

I guess I will have to give Archie a little instruction in navigation when I get home so that he won’t end up at Mission Creek again.

With love from


[Note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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