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Date: January 26th 1946

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K

January 26, 1946

Dear Mom,

Your letter of Jan. 9th arrived the day before yesterday. You say it's warn there. Well, that's quite different from what it's like here, since we've had frost and snow for the past week- very Canadian. I just received a letter from Nigel Temple in Icelend, and he says he thinks I'm getting very much like an Englishman, always talking about the weather in my letters. He gave me the latest report about the weather over Glace Bay. You see, he works in the meteorlogical section of the R A F. While we were at Croft, we always knew when we had to wear a raincoat.

As far as to when we're going home, I think we're "joe'd" for the Occupation Force, which means we may be over here until late September. At least we'll be here until June. So don't believe any fancy talk that is put in the newspapers back home. Personally I think the stories that are told are to keep up the spirits of the folks at home!

Concerning whether I've put on any weight. I still weigh the 135 pounds that I did when I was back home. My face looks fatter, but that's all.

Did I tell you that Elsie (from New Zealand) sent me a sealed tin containing four half pound Cadbury's chocolate bars? Very nice, don't you think?

That's the second parcel she has sent to me, the first one being the tinned cake, back in August.

Now, must close. Love, Lewis.