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Date: January 19th 1946

Leeming, Yorkshire, England, U. K.

January 19, 1946

Dear Mom,

I've been trying to write some of the letter about my trip to Ireland.

Concerning my return to Canada, we are alloted repatriation numbers. The lower the number the sooner you get home. The present repat number for A E. M.'s is 94. Mine is 104, so that means that I may be here for a little while yet, especially now that some of the ships are taking G. I. and Canadian war brides home, it means that fewer of us can go back.

The other day, the authorities asked all Aircrew here at Leeming if any of them wished to volunteer to go back home and there were no takers! My guess is that they realize that they may not get such good paying jobs on "civie street" as they have in the Air Force.

I just found out that I'm getting another leave beginning on Feb. 15th, so I intend to go back to Ireland again.

Until next time. Love, Lewis.