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Date: May 27th 1945
Dad – (Robin Holford Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs


May 27, 1945

Dear Dad:

This is to wish you many happy returns of your birthday and to thank you for your recent letters. Before I forget, do not send any further letters via Miami (if you did follow my previous advice) because they might take rather a long time to catch up to me. I expect that very soon I shall be back in England on more leave. I looks as if I am to loose my navigator. A posting came through for a crew to be despatched elsewhere and it was decided to make it up from volunteers. I think my crew would have been chosen failing volunteers but fortunately for them (six are married and all want to go home) Canadians weren’t to be on the crew according to the posting order. Anyway there were no volunteers and it boiled down to two for the navigators. John lost the toss. Then a New Zealander from the other sqdn wanted to go so it seemed all settled and we were all happy again. Then this chap found that two pals of his who wanted to go were not to be included so he backed out and John is down in the dumps again. He is taking it rather hard. I don’t know why—he is young, single and an age group that won’t release him until about 1947. I suppose the idea of leave in England and the thought of doing something different or at least not knowing what you are going to do is more entertaining than knowing your fate. But in any case I think it likely, almost certain, that the crew will split up. I may even come home unless there is some sort of transport work to be done.

I did some shopping on our day off last week—all leather work. The natives are rather clever at covering tin cigarette cases, bottles and glasses with red leather interlaced with some sort of grass so I got a cig box, cig case, paper knife and a whip all in the same colour and design. After the shopping we went out to the beach as usual and I took five more photographs. The first reel didn’t turn out very well as the camera has developed several leaks but I have go the photographic section to make temporary repairs. One young wogess, she said she was twelve, sold us some bananas and we had a long chat with her which was quite amusing. she said “You take me back to England with you—its a good little village.” So much for the missionary school teaching.

I am going down again to where I spent last weekend. We are having a terrific party to use up several hundred surplus quid and this is where we buy the supplies. Plans change very quickly. One moment I thought I was going on a trip to Bathurst again and instead of which I am going in the other direction. It keeps one guessing which is about all we are doing these days.

With love from Tony.


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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