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Date: May 10th 1945
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs



Dear Mother:

Today was the end of our victory holiday though I don’t know what we will be doing tomorrow. Our crew had the squadron truck today and we went out to the beach taking a picnic lunch. An incident marred the day. We left our belongings in plain sight though at times we were some distance away and some things disappeared. Two shirts, a watch and identity cards etc. At first we thought it must have been the work of monkeys as cigarette cases and a camera close to the bush had not been touched but have discounted this as impossible. My stuff was the closest to the water and furthest from the fringe of bush so I escaped the intruder. It was very hot today and I probably wasn’t out of the water more than half an hour all the time. Yet I have a very decided increase in my tan.

I had three letters from home today, two being from Dad and a letter from Dick yesterday. Dick’s was the first English mail I have had.

What a pity that the tennis club is to go. I suppose I shall find Kelowna quite different. Will it be better or worse? I did get into see Haylake but not Chester. By the way what did you say Reggie’s wife’s name was. I couldn’t read it.

The Sgt. Hamilton is Tommy Hamilton who I knew in Yellowknife. I hope you met him and Muriel. I believe they want to live in the Okanagan after the war.

I once said I would probably need things like buttons out here. I don’t so if they are not already on the way don’t bother. In fact there is nothing I can’t get or have made here.

I don’t know what happened to the parcels I left at RCAF HQ in London but they haven’t arrived nor have any cigs. Fortunately I still have a 1000 of the latter.

These letters are going free to Grt. Britain now.

I guess you will be expecting Dick before long.

With love from


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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