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Date: October 15th 1944
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs

Oct 15. 1944.

Dear Mother:-

I cannot account for the time lag between my date and post office date. The letters are collected daily and should not be held up for censorship but it would not surprise me if they were. Officers have to censor their crews’ mail which unavoidably makes a delay of a day for them which is a rotten system I think. Still another 300 cigs have arrived. This lot was not on your final list of numbers but came from BC House nevertheless. (No 552/7400)

In the mess card room there are four sets of checkers so the game is quite a rage and I play a lot with my navigator.

One of the boys in the hut has adopted a kitten which is not looked on with much favor by the rest of us. It spends most of its time on my carpet lying in front of the electric heater which I leave on day and night these days.

One recent letter from you had a pencil note on the outside to Dick and signed Jacky. J. Bell I suppose and it gave the phone number of his London apartment.

I am beginning to think I will still be here for Christmas so please don’t forgo sending a Christmas parcel. In fact the course is beginning to drag a bit and I am a long way behind in my flying. My engineer has set his wedding day for very soon after the scheduled end of the course and is rather worried about our managing to keep to the schedule.

I was night flying one night when quite a storm got up. We had to stop because the rain was torrential and the waves soon six feet high. It is odd how you can keep going at night with an easy feeling of security simply because it is too dark to see how bad the conditions have become.

It is now 10 a.m., so I think I should run along to work.

With love from


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]  

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