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Date: August 19th 1944
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs


131 O.T.U.
Aug 19th. 1944

Dear Mother:

Note the new address. I haven’t got there yet but will be just before the end of this month. Yes, its for a captains course which lasts about two months. The station is quite close to here and in fact we often use the same stretch of water for practice landings. I don’t know how this course will work out (apparently not many got through the last) but those that there were successful will be wintering in the tropics. Happy thought.

As soon as I heard about the posting I put in for some leave and will get a few days off next week. Although the travelling ban is slightly less severe now it does not help me much because even if the authorities were to give me all the leave I asked for (which they didn’t) it still wouldn’t have been enough to make it worthwhile going any distance. Rather a pity as Dick is probably on leave now.

I am having quite a busy time what with doing my packing, getting cleared from this station before my leave and carrying on with operational flying.

A few days ago I wrote to B. C. House quoting various order numbers you had given me. They came back with 2000 cigs so I am well stocked for some time. The whole thing is largely my fault. For each carton they send out a card to verify your address and I didn’t answer one thinking they surely must know my address by now. So they just hung onto the cigs and didn’t even send out a card for the second 1000.

We have a new CO now and had quite a party before the old left. We can get coca colas now in the mess so rum and coke was the drink that night while either or both lasted. We couldn’t stay long as we were flying early the next morning but just got in on a bang up supper anway.

Love from Tony.


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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