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Date: May 2nd 1944
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs

[Editor’s note: The letter's date was written by Stubbs as “1943” but the postmark and content date it as 1944. Transcription provided by collection donor.]



423 Sqdn
May 2. 1943

Dear Mother:

At last I have got a letter from Dick. He does not say very much but that is not surprising considering where he is stationed. He has been playing the odd spot of tennis and the balls they use have no cover at all so I guess he could do with some if you can really buy them. I played tennis here one day and it was quite good. The balls were pretty good and I had a tightly strung racket. The court is cement—rather hard on the feet.

As yet I have not been in any exciting episodes—the other three who were posted here with me cannot say this.

Two more parcels have arrived--#7 I think and the one that had the jam in it. I say ‘had’ because the lid had come off and about one quarter had escaped making a horrible mess. However everything was in a salvagable condition and even the balance of the jam is O.K. 300 cigs arrived from Mrs. Mallam the other day which should keep me going until the next lot from Dad comes along. I have written her. I had your #27 today which was posted on Apr 25. That must be a new record. I saw “Thank Your Lucky Stars” on my way back from leave. I thought part of it was very good. It was the second time I had seen it but I didn’t know this until I got inside. The Canadian Legion puts on shows in our mess every Sunday night which is additional to the station cinema-time. Last Sunday I saw “Orchestra Wives” for the third time. I must have started my air force career at the station where the shows are played first because I always find I have seen most of the shows before and all of the good ones.

Do you still get the Illustrated London News or the Sphere? There are some good pictures in the April 29 copies.

I went for a bit of a jaunt on my bike one day to look at one of the old mansions around here. Quite a castle it was with its inner and outer courtyards and spacious ground. There was a huge vegetable garden on the place and is customary around here it was enclosed by a solid ten foot rock wall. They are not very trusting people I guess. Another place I have seen, though only from above is an enormous castle, tower and chapel all bunched together—the whole completely covering a small island in the middle of a lake.

I have a feeling you were right when you said there might be a gap before you heard from me again because this is perhaps the first I have written since the one you have already received and answered.

With love from

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