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Date: April 2nd 1944
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs


April 2. 1944.

Dear Mother:

There was lots of mail and parcels when I got back here. Parcels 3 & 4 have arrived and have been vigorously attacked. The cake is wonderful. I like those dried bananas but they remind me more of figs. I don’t know whether I can use the soup for awhile. We never have had any while in the air and sometimes don’t even have tea but my roommate and I are slowly getting our room equipped to handle such things as soup. Also two lots of cigs have arrived—that is the ones that went astray and those for Dec. (for which the card was missing). And then the Canadian Legion dished out 80 in the last few days to everybody so I am well stocked.

I have bought our former second pilots bicycle and now use it to go everywhere. Should get into town more often now particularly as the weather is improving.

Your last letter posted on Mar 21 reached me on the 30th. I don’t know how it can get over so fast.

I saw one good raid while on leave. I watched it from my hotel room which was on the top floor and felt as if I was being an awful fool all the time. I had an odd feeling of detachment and unreality and it really was quite a show—like a huge fireworks display. Next day the papers said it was one of the heaviest barrages we had ever thrownup.

Those chaps who I said were going to Pat. Bay look like being the first and the last to follow this procedure. Pity.

My F/O came through just before I went on leave but I am still wearing the old braid. In London it would have taken several days to make the change due to labour shortage and since I have got back here I have been having the usual trouble with the batmen who are rather hopeless about getting things down. We are all getting the volunteer ribbon and this means having the wings on our uniforms raised about half an inch to accomodate the ribbon beneath. Apparently is wasn’t expected that we might be given a ribbon even if not earned meritoriously.

Yesterday our CO read a speech to the squadron—a copy of that given by F/Lt Sinclair M.P. to the Canadian House of Commons. It was mostly about rehabitulation and thus a morale booster by letting the boys know what is going on for their home coming. I guess it is being read to all the services and no doubt it is something we should all be thinking about.

Glad to hear Miss Harrison called you. I had a letter from her today. She had been staying at her sister’s place on Dog Lake. Also got a long mimeographed letter from the Capitol News all about Kelowna in general with a photo of the main street enclosed.

The date has now crept around to the 4th. There is so little I can say it is difficult to whip out a letter. I wish the second front would get cracking.

I remembered only yesterday how close was Mary’s birthday. Mail service is becoming more rapid but it still can’t accomplish the impossible so my wishes will be late—but many happy returns anyway, Mary.

With love from


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]  

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