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Date: February 20th 1944
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs


423 Sqdn.
Feb 20. 1943.

Dear Mother:

I am enclosing the dividend cheque and have written the account number on the back so there shouldn’t be any trouble.

Still no cigarettes and nor has the birthday parcel arrived. I call for parcels daily now as they must surely be here soon. Don’t worry if you cannot get any fruit juice. It was just a suggestion and besides we usually get a small can of orange juice for each of us when we go on a trip. My eggs arrived today so I must make a real effort to get up early enough to have one cooked tomorrow. The couriers are coming through quite regularly.

I don’t see why the fact of the stores closing at 6 on Sats. should put you off combining show and shopping. Why on earth don’t ;you have supper at Chapins until time for the show.

I heard from Ken Reid lately. As you know I got his posting and he writes that he has got the posting I was to have. All he knows is he is to fly on boats somewhere in the tropics. He has had 29 days leave in the last six weeks so probably won’t mind not seeing England for a while.

I bicycled into town one day last week It was sort of a holiday as the rest of the crew where on a trip. I was left off as the flight commander, who is a pilot, wanted to go along. Anyway it was a beautiful sunny day and I had a great time and thought the boys must be also. However I found a sickly looking bunch when I got back. The air was terribly bumpy all the time and the skipper said it was the first time he had been air sick. No one had a meal all the time and only two were unaffected. I am just as glad I missed it.

I must write Uncle Geoff tomorrow and tell him that I will be along in a couple of weeks. I have written Dick also. His leave should be almost due.

With love from


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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