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Date: February 13th 1944
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs

[Editor’s note: The letter's date was written by Stubbs as “1943” but the postmark and content date it as 1944. Transcription provided by collection donor.]



423 Sqdn. R.C.A.F.
Feb 13. 1943

Dear Mother:

I have received letters from all of you within the last few days. Thank you for your birthday greetings. I am going to send the dividend cheque back because I certainly do have a bank account with quite a nice balance in it. I don’t no what the bank manager meant by saying I hadn’t one.

I had a card from B. C. House recently saying an order had come through for my cigs so I hope I won’t have to wait long now. I wonder if you could increase the order because I have been given 125 in additions to countless numbers I have taken individually. Everybody is very generous with their cigs and of course the English here can’t get them like we can. Also we smoke a lot when we are flying.

One day our crew had photographs of each of us taken in various positions in the aircraft. They are for the war records I suppose but I will try and get copies. Later on I might be able to give you the necessary details to write to Ottawa to get them yourself.

My leave is going to start on March 7 I think. For a while I thought I was going to spend a short time close to where Rex and Bobo used to live but these plans have had to fall through. What a pity.

By the way, Dad, you don’t have to worry about my finances. I have never been in a more sound financial position. Also I spend practically nothing while at the station. My January mess bill was only 19/

My batman is getting some eggs for me and then I will be able to take one over to the mess and have it cooked for breakfast daily. The only catch is I have to be over a little earlier, that is by 0820 but it is well worth it.

Last week I visited a town I hadn’t seen before. We got there by truck in two stages, there being no system of transport at this station. It was a fair sized town, I suppose, but we only stayed long enough to buy shoes before catching a bus to the local village where the steak and eggs are so famous.

Mary, I don’t think the squadron number on the “Readers Digest” would make a good deal of diff. Probably all it does is to save the postal depot looking up where I am. I think I have had only one “Digest” since being over here though.

We had quite a treat yesterday—oranges on sale in the mess. I have seen a lot in the papers recently about oranges originally intended for civilians that were diverted to the troops so I guess these are some. I am sure there need is greater.

With love from

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