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Date: January 20th 1944
Mother – (Mary Stubbs)
Anthony Stubbs


423 Sqdn Jan 20. 1944

Dear Mother:

A few days ago I made my first trip into town. We had set forth on bicycles meaning to go riding, but there were no horses so we went on in to town. It is just a village really but a quaint old place. We had a couple at the local followed up by a meal of steak and chips at the same spot. Quite a luxury. Then on to a restaurant where we had poached eggs on toast—a real treat. I must go into town more often.

I’ve had letters recently from all the relations except Uncle Tom and also ones from Dad and Archie. Dad said I should have lunch in town with Aunt Daphne sometime and oddly enough that is just what she suggested. In answer to one of Dad’s queries I would say her sister would remind me more of mine. Had a letter from Mrs. Mallam today and she said she was sending some cigs. I hope some come soon—I had to buy a packet today.

Bomb damage in London is not as apparent as I expected. Probably I didn’t see the bad areas and also perhaps lots that are outwardly O.K. have been gutted by fire. All damage is neatly cleared up so that the city as orderly, I suppose, as it ever did.

I don’t remember seeing any W.D. parades in London. I think she (Nancy Stiell) must have seen me where I was stationed. That would be quite likely.

I have just got a new batman and he seems to have forgotten to set my fire. There is no dry wood around so I have to do without until my man turns up. With the other man I always had to reset the fire before it would go but this was better than the present set up. Now that the Couriers have starting coming in I don’t have to sacrifice old copies of Esquire to get it going either.

I expect to be here a long time. It is early to start calculating but I have just over 5% of my tour behind me anyway. I think most of the G.R. pilots that came in with me have mostly been posted to advanced flying units now.

We get some very poor shows here but I usually go because they don’t tell you what it is going to be and it is a change anyway. I am realizing now why Dick had such trouble finding something to write about—one is rarely off the station and anything happening on the station is taboo.

With love from


[Editor’s note: Transcription provided by collection donor.]

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