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Date: February 23rd 1944
Eira Williams - (friend)
Jean Turner

W304895 L.A.W. Turner J.I.
M.P.O. 502,
Mont Joli, Que.

Dear Eira.,

Received your most welcome letter the other day and was very pleased to hear from you. At present I’m on nights and busy answering all my correspondence. This is my fourth letter so far to‑night. Was pleased to hear you liked the photo. How is your mother feeling now. The flu is certainly a bad thing to have. I’ve been lucky enough to escape it so far.

No, I’ve had my furlough until the end of March. I only wish we had two leaves a year but thats impossible I guess. I hope to make it home for Billy’s wedding so will try and see you then but won’t promise, as one never knows what will happen.

As yet I’m still living in hopes of a posting out of here but haven’t got it as yet. I really don’t know how long I’ll be here. No, as yet, I still can’t speak French but can understand and say the odd word. Maybe I should learn the language but really don’t care to. I still believe everyone should know their English as its far more important.

No, our work isn’t very hard. Its more like what a nurse that goes in training does. We make beds; give baths; take temperatures; give hypos; enemas; bed pans; do treatments and medications. The work is all very interesting and different to what I have been used to. To tell the truth I’ve never really regretted joining up but I really would like to be posted out west once more.

I haven’t heard from Eunice for a while now myself but I have her address will enclose it at the bottom of this if I don’t forget. Yes, Eunice was married last summer soon after she got back from her furlough. She surprised all of us.

Mother, Daddy and Billy are all fine. Billy is planning on being married this summer. He goes with a school teachers daughter. Yes, I have heard about your nice weather; we had a nice winter in January but this month it has been much colder lately. Our roads have been blocked a couple of times lately. Just the same I’ll be happy when spring and summer come.

Oh yes I have quite a few boy friends but none of them are really steady. I go out with a couple of P./O’s once in awhile and usually have a good time. They are really swell people down here on the station and all are so friendly.

Yes I take in most of the shows and dances as I haven’t anyone to visit down here. I’ve been bowling and skating also to a lot of Hockey Games here this winter. I was just thinking how much I would enjoy curling once more. I have my ski‑suit with me and really make good use of it. I have it on nearly every day when I’m not on duty. I also miss my Church Choir singing since I joined up. We really had a good Choir in Springside, even if I do say so myself.

Eira what does your brother do? Yes, I’ve heard of the place where he is but have never been their myself. I believe its just outside of Montreal. I know its a large winter resort. Skiing is really popular here in Quebec, but, I’ve never tried it myself. I’ve been going to but have never really got around to it.

Yes I have gained some weight since I’ve enlisted. I’m not nearly as heavy now as I was last winter. I weigh about one hundred and fifteen - twenty pounds now.

Well Eira what have you been doing lately? Are you very busy these days? Whats new? How are your mother and Dad keeping these days? Do you go out much.

I haven’t been doing much of anything lately. I was bowling Monday night for the first time in ages.

News is scarse so really must close for now. Write again soon and give me all the news. How about sending me a snap of yourself. Will write again soon and give you all the news. Until then don’t work too hard.


P.S. Here’s Eunice’s address
Cpl. Adams E.F.
Princess’ Alice Barracks
152 Argyle St.,
Ottawa, Ontario

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