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Date: January 29th 1942
Eira Williams - (friend)
Jean Turner

[Editor’s note: Turner wrote the letter’s date as “Jan. 29, 1941” but the year appears to have been an error. Content such as her reference to recruiting efforts by “the Woman’s Air Force” (which was not formed until July of 1941), and the envelope’s postmark of “JAN 30 42” place it in 1942.]


Springside, Sask.,
Jan. 29, 1941.

Dear Eira;

Just a few lines to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you. How are you keeping? Fine I hope as this leaves us all okay. Thanks ever so much for the lovely Xmas presents. I haven’t used it as yet. We had a nice Christmas and New Year’s although it was rather quiet. I arrived home on Christmas morning. Daddy met me at the train. The bus got into Yorkton at twenty to three in the morning. It was late and then we had to change buses three times so that made it worse. Art Davies met me at the bus so I stayed there over night.

Everyone in town are fine except Grannie. She was in the Hospital for a couple of days but is back home now. She has Gall Bladder trouble, so it is rather hard on her, she is feeling much better now. My aunt, Mrs Jenkins is in the Hospital and has had two operations so far. [Dowlf?] Pinder and Mr Baldwin are also in the Hospital. They have been pretty sick. Mr Baird is sick and has been having x-rays. But otherwise everyone else is okay.

I just got home from spending ten days holidays with Irene Sharp. I had a very nice time. We took the horse and cutter and went out visiting different places. On Sunday Alfie, Irene and I went to their sister’s and they brought me home after that. I got home at one o’clock and had to wake up the folks so that I could get in.

On Friday night while I was out there, the three of us went to a dance at Beaverdale. We had a nice time but it was rather quiet and the dances were slow. We got home from the dance at four in the morning.

I went to Theodore Monday night with mother, daddy, Mr Willis and Kath, for a farewell party for the Doctor Turner’s. Then on Tuesday I went to Yorkton with Marguerite Farbacher. She spent the evening with me as her dad was curling.

Mother and I formed a young girls sewing and knitting circle. The girls are learning to do different things. We meet on Wednesday of every week. We are about twelve so far but are trying to get more to join.

The ladies meet every Thursday night to do Red Cross work.

Daddy, Mr Willis, Mr Williams, and Andy are going up to curl in the Foam Lake Bonspiel. It starts some time next month.

I had a letter from Billy this week. He passed his exam and came second, he was one of five with the highest rating, out of a class of eighty-five. We have not heard as yet where he is going to be stationed but are anxiously waiting. He had his picture taken for Christmas. He sent the large one home and had it tinted. It is a very good picture of him.

I am thinking of putting my application into the Woman’s Air Force. They are recruiting in Yorkton at the beginning of the week so I am going down to see them. I sure hope that I can get in or if I don’t I hope I get something to do real soon.

So far since I got home I have knit a Child’s Sweater for the Red Cross. Now, I am knitting a sweater for Beatrice Klause. I pulled on my red suit and am knitting sweaters out of it for my cousins. I’ll soon have one of them finished.

Mother is busy knitting for the Red Cross. She has knit a couple of sweaters since I got home.

Daddy is busy making a China Cabinet for mother and at nights he goes curling.

Marguerite Farbacher leaves on the fourth of February to go in training at the Saskatoon General Hospital.

I had a nice long letter to-day from John Graves. He is over in England. He used to live here but don’t know whether you knew him or not. I had a letter from Wilfred McWatters yesterday. They are both fine and dandy.

Mother went over to Nell’s this afternoon so I thought I’d better write some letters as it is ages since I did so.

Well, what is doing in the big city of Regina these days? How is work going, I imagine that you would be rather busy at present or aren’t you? How are your folks, remember me to them.

Eunice had her medical. But since then she hasn’t received her call and is patiently waiting for it. She is fine and so are the rest of them.

Have you seen anything of Dorothy and Gordon, Barbara or Norma lately?

Mother knit me a pair of mittens, yellow in color and of Astrakette wool to go with my ski-suit, I haven’t worn them as yet. I have the end to finish off.

There were a lot of the boys home on Xmas and New Year’s leave. We had a real nice crowd to the New Years Dance, but haven’t had any more since then.

Their is a dance in Theodore on Friday but don’t suppose that I’ll be going to it, but won’t say for sure.

There isn’t much of anything doing here these days. The snow is nearly all gone.

Sometime when you have your holidays be sure to come and spend some of them with us. As we would all like to see you again.

Well news is getting scarse and you’ll be getting tired of the writing so I must close for now. Thanks again for the lovely Christmas present. I received some lovely gifts. I got my watch back again after it was away for a month. Will write again soon. Write soon and give me all the news. The folks want to be remembered to you.


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