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Date: January 21st 1945
Eira Williams - (friend)
Eunice Adams (née Davies)

Jan. 21.

Dear Eira,-

I guess you thought I was a fine one not to even phone you when I left, but it all came so fast when it did come that my head was spinning, on Friday the 12th. our clearance papers came through, and at 4 that afternoon I was finished with the Airforce, and I knew that the bus left at 5 o’clock for home, so I certainly tore around, there were a couple of purchases at Williams store that I had left a deposit on so I tore to that store and got my things and got to the bus station with about 3 minutes to the spare.

So I’m sure that you will understand, your folks and you were so good to me while I was there.

Since being home I have had lots to do, we finally got all furnishings out of our old home and packed down here and Eddie has started on the pulling down job, I’ve worked in the store quite a bit and am on a curling rink, there are a lot of ladies curling this winter and quite an interest is taken. Last Friday nite we had an all Ladies game and I skipped, I’m afraid I let them down badly but it was fun.

This afternoon was so lovely that Dad and I went for a drive to Yktn. to see Art and family, they have just got over the measles, the kids were quarantined for 10 days I think it was, so they were raring to go to-day, it being their first day out.

I’ve been to 2 parties since Regina, this place is getting awful for parties. Last Monday it was a party for an English war bride who is going to make her home here, Arthur Walde’s wife, and Friday night Mrs. Jackson invited all the ladies from the rink for lunch and cards. But everybody’s birthday it seems warrants a party. Mrs. Fernie seems to be the one who gets them going.

Well Eira old dear I guess I’ve did my apologizing for running out of Regina without phoning, so I shall close.

Give my regards to your Folks won’t you and Dad asks to be remembered to you.



[Note on establishing letter’s date: envelope’s postmark used for year.]

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