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Date: December 4th 1944
Eira Williams - (friend)
Eunice Adams (née Davies)

Ottawa, Ont.
Dec. 4, 1944.

Dear Eira,-

I have been intending to answer your letter everyday, but here I am finally. It was quite a surprise to hear from you but what a nice one, we should have been writing to each other all the time, but its such a chore isn’t it to really keep up your correspondence.

I may be seeing you some time during January, my discharge is coming through I think within the next 10 days, and first I’m given 21 days leave, and then as far as I know I will be discharged from Regina, so I shall definately find you. I’m looking forward very much to being home again, Dad is quite happy about it, he has had a lonely time of it all by himself.

There has been no further news as to Hughie’s safety, did you know that his Commission came through about 6 weeks after he was reported as missing, he is a fine fellow Eira, and he is the one that reminded the family so much of Leslie, his hair and face and his ways a great deal were very much like Les. Hughie’s home is at Dafoe, his people were grand to me. I still have great hopes of his safety, so many of the boys are turning up as Prisoners of War.

Leonard is in Belgium or at least he was the last time we heard from him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in Germany now. He seems to be well, Jennie his wife is at Toronto and has a good job. The rest of the family are pretty well the same as ever, Eddie still has the store and Art is working for the Massey Harris in Yktn, they have five children, I think that must be an addition from when you last heard of them. Eddie and Estelle only have Lyall.

June Willis from Springside works here at Ottawa and we often see each other, she still has her heart set on Ernie Gabert, do you remember him. I was over to-night to say good-bye to some other home town people, Edward Davis who is a Sgt. in the Army and his wife live here, they were from Springside, no relation at all, he has just got his discharge so they are leaving for home to-night.

Are you all ready for Xmas, it seems to come all of a sudden doesn’t it, I have been staying up town everyday noon trying to shop, but so far all I seem to have bought is the wrapping paper and seals, things are so very expensive this year, that all you seem to do is look. I’m counting on being home by Xmas but of course am not really sure about it, I have my replacement, something which has made me very peeved, my place is being filled by a civilian girl who is Grade II Clerk which is equivalent to a Cpl, but she is getting her III out of the move, and I have worked at the job for 2 years and never got my Sgt. hooks. But I suppose there was reasons, anyway I’m busy trying to turn over the job to her.

Well Eira I believe I’ve given you all the latest doings of myself, so I think I shall close for to-night. Don’t forget that sometime during Jan. I shall come looking for you in Regina.

Love to your Mother.

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