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Date: June 15th 1942
Eira Williams - (friend)
Eunice Davies

AW2 Davies E.F. W304889
R.C.A.F. (W.D.)
No. 7 Manning depot.
Squadron 1
Rockcliffe, Ont.
June 15,

Dear Eira ;-

Well old dear this air-force life is really fun, its now 2 weeks, and it doesn’t seem near that long, now in 2 weeks we leave again for St. Thomas.

At this place we have a lot of medicals (innoculations) and drilling and marching.

We have to get up at 6.30 each morning, 7.30 on Sunday. I got my uniform the 2nd day I was here, I’m quite used to it now, on Sat. I had my picture taken.

Last night I went and found your brother, he is very nice, and very much like your Dad. He lives in a very nice part of Ottawa, I walked out to where he lived.

We will soon be getting our summer uniforms. Some of the girls have theirs already they are very nice, we are issued with 3.

Meals are very good, and we sleep 2 to a room, showers, I know that when we get to our stations later we won’t get such comfort, there will be about 60 to a room.

We have had 6 innoculations so far, and this afternoon we have another scheduled, sometimes our arm are very sore from them and sometimes they don’t effect us at all.

About 3 times a week there is a free show for us.

On Wed. there is a big ‘air’ show at the Capitol Theatre in Ottawa, the cost of the tickets to civilians is $2.00 and 1.00 for the airforce. They have booked a lot of seats for us, so I’ll go I guess, Air Marshall Bishop is going to be there, also a lot of screen stars including Anna Neagle.

We have got the dickens all day, first of all on inspection parade this morning we got heck for our collars and ties and for not standing still enough, then we got an exam and we hadn’t half studied it, so we got a bawling’ out for that, then we had drill and really we were awful at it, then one of our officers inspected the barracks, and some weren’t cleaned properly, so you may guess what they said about that and then to climax everything we had to stand in line for half an hour before we could get our dinner. There have been a lot more new recruits come in this last week. We are really packed with girls over 400 all the time.

Dad writes often, he seems to be getting along well, it will be nice when we get moved back near home, most likely sometime this summer I will be able to get home, I hope so anyway.

How is your work going, have you had the weather like we have had here, for 2 days last week you could hardly breathe with the heat, it was terrible, but on Sat. it rained real hard and that cooled everything off fine.

Ottawa is very nice, we went through the parliament buildings yesterday, a guide explained all the different things to us, it was very interesting.

Well Eira I will have to close for now. It is time to report for a lecture, so don’t wish to get any more bawlings out so will say aurevoir.


P.S. I have numbered my pages terribly, but you will be able to figure them out.


[Note on establishing letter’s date: envelope’s postmark used for year.]

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