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Date: November 9th 1945

Leeming, Yorkshire, England.

November 9, 1945

Dear Mom,

I received Sharon Lee's photo, and have written to her.

At present I'm on what is known as "Crash Crew", which lasts for a week (Tuesday to Tuesday), and we are on can in case of a plane crash, whenever there are any planes flying. Last night, the night before, and tonight, there has been flying so the Crew is in a room in # 3 hanger in a state of readiness. I haven't been off the Station, or even seen a movie lately, so there is very little exciting news to write about.

On the Station last night and also tonight there is an R C A F. Carnival being held in # 5 hanger. Since flying finished at 8 p. m. last night, I had a chance to go to the Carnival, but tonight we'll be here until 12 midnight anyway, so I'll miss it .

Last night, at the Carnival we were given little tokens to use to play various games, similar to those at Lynch's Fair in N. S. It was an free, even for the sideshow. The gifts were cigarettes and cakes, etc. Not a bad idea at all. It is a travelling R CA F. outfit, and was here for only the two days, after which it will to another Station.

So long for now. Love, Lewis.