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Date: November 3rd 1944
Director of Records, N.D. H.Q., Ottawa
Margaret Courtney - (Clarence's wife)

285 Runnymede Rd.
Toronto, Ont.
Nov 3/44

The Director Of Records.
National Defense Headquarters,
Ottawa, Ontario.

Re - H.Q 405-C-11, 576.
(Records - C)


In your letter of October 10th regarding my husband L. Sgt. Clarence Verdun  Courtney B80413 reported missing since June 6/44, you have requested that I advise you if I have received any information regarding him.

I have received no further official word but I did receive a letter from one of the boys who knew him. The information was that they were about three miles off the coast of Dover when the ship was shelled. My husband was wounded and later they were ordered to abandon the ship. This boy  said they went over the side of the ship at different times and he himself was picked up and taken back to England, but he does not know what happened to my husband since they left the ship at intervals. He tells me he went to Headquarters and told them what he knew and asked if they couldn’t send me word but they said that if was not definite so I take it from that that he was not wounded to the extent that he couldn’t be helped and possibly he was picked up and is in a hospital somewhere.

I have been told that all boys were equipped with a life belt and that there was a medical Corps. on board each ship. It does not seem feasible that all would abandon ship and not attempt to help the wounded. Possibly, there is someone who was on that ship, who would know what happened the wounded, if you would contact those who were assigned to the boat.

We are hoping and praying that one of these days, we will receive the good news that he is safe and being taken care of somewhere. Would it be possible that he might have been picked up by a boat which had to continue it’s way across to France, and perhaps he is in a hospital there. I know, the above information, does not give us anything definite to work on but perhaps, it will enable you in checking further.

Thanking you I remain,
Mrs C.V. Courtney.

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