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Date: February 25th 1944
Charles Gilbert & family - (P.C. 211, Toronto City Police)
Clarence Courtney

Thurs. Feb. 25/44.

Dear Charlie, Mary and Neil:

I guess you will wonder who this is from. However, it is only me, Court. I received your letter OK. and it was some time ago, so you can see I have been very delinquent with my mail. However. I hope you will excuse me as I am not much of a letter writer. However, I promise that it won’t occur again. I was really glad to hear from you and enjoyed your letter very much.

Say from your description of that house you bought, it sure sounds like a swell spot. You were awfully lucky in getting on up around that district as they seemed to be plenty scarce. I wish that Marg and I had a house but I guess we will have to wait until this war is all over.

I can imagine Neil getting to be quite a size. I guess it is going on a year since I last saw him and he must be quite a size by now.

Say boy, you are really putting on the weight, and no fooling. You must be getting a little bit fat or something. You had better watch that stomach of yours. Pretty soon you will weigh as much as I do. Yes I am putting on a little weight myself. I knock the scale off at around 199 and vary up to 201 or so. Yep, when I get back you won’t know me. The only trouble is I still look as thin as ever. I guess it is the English Beer that does it.

Say I guess the Rugby finals was pretty good. I sure would like to see a game now and then. Ernie Goble is probably quite happy to be home again and you can’t blame him. He was away for quite a while. Charlie [Piers?] is doing alright by himself and a lot of the other boys. It is too bad about Stan McIlrath. He was a swell kid. So Frank finally made it. From the sound of things he must have got a soft touch and that will be right up his alley, to say nothing of Ruthie. I guess the two of them are just the same as ever.

Say Charlie, if you are talking to Girdlestone, give him my best and also any of the other fellows. I sure would like to see them all again.

So you and Mrs Wilson had a run in. I guess that bothered you a lot and upset you no end. I can just imagine. I guess they need putting in their place now and again or they would be trying to run everything.

Well Charlie I think I will get around to closing. I hope this finds you all in good health and enjoying yourselves and I hope this is all over soon and I can get around to seeing you again. It will sure be a happy day when I get back home again because I was never so sick of everything in my life as I am of this place.

Give my best regards to everybody and write whenever you can get a chance.

Your old Pal,

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