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Date: August 8th 1945

Bournemouth, England.

August 8, 1945

Dear Mom,

Today, I was surprised to receive ,along with two letters from you, a gift from Elsie in New Zealand. It is a tinned cake. Don, my friend who sleeos in the bed next to me, and I opened it. Imagine her sending me a gift like that, all that way!

One of your letters was written before you went on vacation, the other when you were in Isaacs Harbour. That was something to hear, that you now have an electric stive in the house in Glace Bay. That's something else I've got to see when I get home !

I'm glad to hear that the weather is good in Isaac's Harbour, and also that you are enjoying your vacation. Give Gloria my best wishes for her birthday on the 26th.

The other evening, Don and his friend and I ( three boys) took two girls to a dance in Poole, and we had a whale of a time. Even though I was a "spare" we just shuffled the girls between the three of us, and really enjoyed the evening.

Yesterday afternoon I visited the Poole Potteries, which these days is only making utilitarian cups, saucers, etc., but which, before the war, had been producing wonderful hand-made work. Due to a shortage of staff, visitors don't usually see the factory, but since I was a "foreigner", the manager took me through the whole place. It was all very interesting As a souvenir, I've sent you today a cup and saucer
(utility wartime make ). In the same parcel is a pair of wooden shoes for Marie, You'll also find photos of the N.A.F.F.I. in Darlington.

The other day I sent a hand painted picture of myself, as well as some post cards. Keep everything for me until I get home. Thanks.

Love, Lewis.