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Date: July 14th 1945

near Enschede, Holland.

July 14, 1945

Dear Mom,

Tomorrow will be our last day here in Holland, according to the Gen we received on parade, and is that o. k. by us? You bet!

We hope to be in England sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday. As soon as I get there I'll let you know. Of course plans could change, but things seem quite certain now.

The weather here has been great lately, and I imagine it's the same in southern England where we're going. At least it's fine around the Lake District. where Betty and her friend, Jean, are spending their summer vacation. I got a beautiful card from her today saying that she had been enjoying the scenery. They left for their vacation just a few days after I came back here, so I was lucky to have timed my leave with her, wasn't I ?

Don't be too downhearted about delays in receiving mail from me. You must make allowances for us world travelers - always on the go !

So long for now,

Love, Lewis.