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Date: May 17th 1945

Somewhere in Holland.

17 May, 2945

Dear Mom,

Moved again! Another step back toward England. I don't know how big or fast these steps will be, but at least they're steps.

We got used to English Pounds. Then we had a bit to do with Belgian Francs. That changed to German Marks, and now we're getting used to Dutch Guilders. What a war! I got a lot of practise with the Pounds; had a bit of practise with the Belgin Francs, which seemed a lot like our own dollar system. We didn't get much chance to use the German Marks, (They were all invasion bills, which we used on the Station in the N.AF.F.I. and at the "Y"). As for the Guilders, unfortunately there is very little to buy, that's worth while. So we won't get much use out of them. However, we'll be pretty good at reckoning money values, internationally.

We're back in barracks again. It's a change from our tenting life, anyway. As for our water for washing, we get it from a hole in the ground, made by a V 2 rocket explosion. It's very deep, and thus an ever present supply of water for us. Today I did some laundry and the water is very soft.

It's evening here, and I'm sitting in the twilight outside our billet. A lot of the guys are doing their washing beside me. There are a few clothes hanging on lines between the trees. That's all for now.

Love, Lewis.