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Date: November 22nd 1944
Ladies Aid Society, Transcona United Church
Eileen Lidgate

Law Lidgate V.E.
RCAF Station
St John’s CAPO;
Nov 22/44

The Ladies Aid,
Transcona United Church.

Thank you so much for the lovely box of chocolates – it is always nice to be remembered by people from home.

My work is very interesting and we are working shifts as so many people are.

St. John’s is of course a very old city and parts of it are terribly backward but the newer parts are modern and attractive.

Of course it was all very new to me – the fishermen’s shacks, the fish drying racks all along the harbour and the fishing dorys.

The country is really lovely in the summer with a great many lakes, evergreen trees, small streams and hills, and in the warm weather we had picnics and went cycling.

We have a Y.M. representative on the station who organizes our social activities and we may rent bikes, or take skates, badminton racquets and so on from the “sport stores”. There is an artificial icerink in St. John’s so we don’t lack for sports and of course we have our regular hour a week of both drill and P.T.

The girls are all very nice and we get along very well in our barrack’s life, though we all miss being in a home, however its an experience none of us would care to miss.

Wishing you every success in your work and a very Merry Christmas.

Eileen Lidgate.

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