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Date: September 23rd 1944

St. Thomas, Ontario.

September 23, 1944,

Dear Mom,

Here I am at St. Thomas. You remember that I said I had arranged for a sleeper for the trip from Moncton onward. Just as my train was pulling in, the train with the sleeper section was pulling out, so I was sitting up all the way to St. Thomas. But I didn't mind it as much as I thought I would. I guess I'm getting used to train travel.

I'm writing this letter with a pen that Joyce gave to me. It's very nice- a maroon Waterman's.

Joyce also gave me a small, silver horseshoe to put on the chain around my neck. It's nice and sunny here today, although it's a bit cool. Joyce and I are going to Port Stanley this afternoon. She has her heart set on me having my fortune told, so to please her (and for my own curiosity) I'm going to do it. Otherwise, everything is closed in Port Stanley, but it's still a nice place to visit.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, we'll be going horseback riding. Imagine me on a horse! At least it will be something new for me.

Now I'll say so long. Be sure to take some snaps and send them to me.

Love to all, Lewis.