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Date: August 28th 1917
Nerta Davis – (sister)
Worth Davis

No. 21.
C.M.H.E – 28/8/17

Dear Nerta,

Before I forget it, as I believe I must have done before, I must tell you that Vera Allen was married in London, the latter part of last month.

I am enclosing a few prints that I don’t think you have had. There is one that I sent a print of taken with the other camera, and the difference in detail of the two prints, will give you a good idea of the difference in the work the two machines do. With a strong glass, I believe you could read the wording on the doors of the mens quarters. I am well pleased with the work I get, if the size were only a little better.

I sure remember Hazel Bennet, what is she doing now? Married?

We have had the most windy and rainy weather during the last two weeks, that I have seen for some time. It sure is fierce. I have been changing my sleeping quarters lately, not the room but just changing my bed around. It was too stuffy where I was just, but now, I have a good place at a window, and I don’t think at all drafty.

Ault landed down here from Seaford for further treatment. I don’t know just what is wrong with him, but they will keep him here for a while.

Now don’t tell anyone, unless the Wilson’s know, but Pte. is at present in the T.B. ward at Moore Barracks, and I understand Capt. Weston is in charge of this building so Pete will be well looked after there.

I do hope the negatives you made are all right. You should have no trouble using that camera, read the instructions well. Use the larger openings only in case of emergency, (very dull, or very fast moving subject etc). Work with stops F 11. & 16. And use 1/25th & 1/10th when necessary, but keep the stops small and if working slower than 1/25th, hold it very still or set it down. It has a beautiful shutter & lens and is capable of doing much better work than I get out of it. I really did not have it long enough to learn how to use it well, I have my little one down pretty pat now tho, and they are pretty much all alike.

I am running off quite a bunch of Sepias from the scenery of Ireland & will sell probably ten shillings worth of them among the boys. Ball & Mc Cam have had about 6/6 each of them so I am getting in a little all the time.


Original Scans

Original Scans